4 comments on “Me Doctor Who DVDs

  1. Cor Blimey, Guv!
    I managed to pick up a second hand Tardis box set (2005) all in good condition, all discs, no scratches for £5! Considering I originally paid about £65 when it first came out and the Wife took it in the break up, I reckon I got a damn good deal!

    • I got it when it first came out, too, so I suppose I must have paid that, too. God knows how much I’ve paid for that lot – a good amount of them have been Christmas and birthday presents, but the New series boxsets have all been preordered and paid for myself. God knows how I’ve done it, as I’m generally skint. :)

      • Even more expensive as I refuse to buy second-hand Doctor Who and Red Dwarf DVDs. Videos, yes, no problem, but not the discs.
        I’m a fool.

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